A stretch of road regularly clogged due to stuck HGVs and with faulty lighting has been called 'a disgrace'.

According to one resident lorries driving down Roding Road in Loughton often miss signs warning them of the railway bridge.

As a result, two or three times a week they get stuck underneath or are forced to awkwardly reverse out, causing major traffic backlogs.

To add to the motoring misery, the Belisha beacons on the road's zebra crossing are out of order.

Les Wynn, of Poet Place, said: "The state of the damaged pavements caused by these lorries is a continuing hazard for pedestrians.

"The road markings are also badly worn and the street lights have not been working for 12 months.

"This part of Roding Road is a disgrace.

"It’s a dangerous place for Roding Valley High School pupils.

"Essex Highways are aware of this, but do nothing about it."

According to Essex County Council's Highways division signs warning of the low bridge are in place.

A spokesperson said: "The appropriate warning signs are in place advising drivers of the height limit on this bridge.

"However, improvements to signs and regulations have been carried out elsewhere in Essex following similar issues.

"Therefore the best way to take this forward would be for the individual to contact their local Essex County Councillor and get their support to ask the Epping Forest Local Highway Panel to consider improvements."

They went on to say that the beacons are out of action due to a power cable failure and that the UK Power Network was aware of the problem.

The spokesperson added: "We are aware that two of the 22 lights on the road are not working and these are scheduled for repair as soon as possible.”