Residents are being asked if they want electric car charging points in the town.

Aside from one in a Nissan dealership locked out of office hours, Waltham Abbey has no charging points for electric cars.

The lack has led the town's Green Party to launch a survey asking whether more charging stations would be put to good use.

Dave Plummer, a Green Party activist, said: "Electric vehicles are increasingly popular and reduce CO2, particulate and noise pollution, making our global and local environment cleaner and more pleasant.

"However, research by the AA and RAC shows that eight out of 10 drivers see the lack of charging points as a stumbling block to them buying an electric vehicle.

"Back in July 2018 Chris Grayling promised extra investment in charging infrastructure as part of the Road to Zero report.

"Although electric vehicles don’t reduce the excessive amount of traffic on our roads, and the non-renewable nature of the majority of our energy supply remains a major concern, they are a very welcome step towards keeping our towns cleaner and healthier."

To take the survey go to