A cash-saving school uniform exchange has been suggested.

The Epping Forest Green Party is asking if parents in the district would make use of the scheme, which could save parents hundreds of pounds.

Dave Plummer, a Green Party activist from Waltham Abbey, said: "School uniforms can cost over £300, with a tie alone costing £7.50.

"That's a lot of money for low-income families to find, with some families choosing a school based on whether or not they can afford the uniform.

"That reduces access to education which should be equal for all children based on their abilities and talents, no matter what their family's financial circumstances are."

"School Uniform Exchanges provide a chance for families to buy donated uniforms at a fraction of the cost of buying new."

As well as saving cash, the exchange could have environmental benefits.

Mr Plummer added: "They also reduce waste by reusing the uniforms, cutting the amount that are thrown away and the amount of new uniforms which need to be provided.

"Epping Forest Greens plan to ask the District Council to set up a School Uniform Exchange scheme but first we need to see if there's enough demand for one.

"We're asking parents and guardians to complete our quick survey to help us find out."

Parents and guardians can complete the survey online at http://efgp.org.uk/sue