Rubbish strewn across the road, teenagers fighting and stones launched at windows are concerns raised following a sport pavilion's alcohol license bid.

On Tuesday (November 6) Epping Forest District Council's licensing committee members will decide whether to grant a license to Jubilee Pavillion in Ongar.

If approved, applicants Ongar Community Sports Trust would be able to sell alcohol and play recorded and live music from 11am to 11pm, Sundays to Thursdays, and 11am to 12am on Fridays and Saturdays.

While the application states a challenge 25 policy will be put in place for the purchase of alcohol, people living nearby are nervous about the affect a fully licensed venue could have on the town's teenagers.

One man who lives close to the Love Lane pavilion said: "The venue is a sports club where the clients tend to be of the younger generation.

"It is well known how excessive alcohol with the young can lead to disorder and crime."

Another, 34 year veteran of the area, detailed his fears that "petty crime" would escalate if the license was granted.

He wrote: "There have been occasions of drunken teenagers running around the cemetery opposite our property and making loud noise well after midnight.

"I have had to step out of the front door on occasion as young teens fight in the lane at mid-afternoon, falling on our property and the verge opposite."

In the last year, the same man has had his bins tipped over and its content thrown around, a plant damaged and three teenage visitors hide on his property, who barraged him with swearwords when discovered.

He added: "A stone was later thrown at our kitchen window, frightening my wife who was working there.

"Any problems we have experienced over the years have been the result of youngsters having too much to drink."

Whether the link between anti-social behaviour and alcohol sale at the pavilion is accepted, and is enough to refuse the application, will be established on Tuesday.