Flat blocks which have addressed historically poor recycling have helped charities via a new scheme.

For the last year the Epping Forest Recycling Rewards have been giving kickbacks to people who live in blocks of flats where contamination in recycling has been high.

The scheme helps to incentivise residents to sort their recycling by offering £25 gift cards to those who collect enough Green Points.

This week money raised through the scheme was shared out between Epping Forest Community Transport, Chigwell Riding trust, Epping Forest Food Bank, Safer Places.

Between July 2017 and July 2018 contamination rates across the blocks taking part dropped dramatically over the life of the project.

Cllr Nigel Avey, portfolio holder for the environment, said: "We knew recycling rates in flats were below where they should be so this scheme is a wonderful opportunity for residents involved, to improve their recycling rates and get rewarded for doing so.

"We monitor the quality of recycling being produced by flats in Epping Forest and reward residents for recycling more of the right things.

"The blocks earn 'Green Points’ depending on how they are performing and can also earn extra points for things like reporting fly-tipping and using recycling centres for household waste.”