Calls have been made to install detectors near the county's busiest train bridge in a bid to avoid "devastating" collisions.

In recent years several lorries and double deckers have crashed into the bridge over Roding Road, Loughton, which connects Loughton and Debden train stations.

In April 2015 an orange EO5 bus smashed its top off when the driver misjudged the bridge's height.

Last month the sides of an HGV were buckled after it hit the structure, following months of lorries getting stuck under the bridge or pulling u-turns in the middle of the road.

In a bid to stop the collisions Loughton's Essex County Council representatives Chris Pond and Valerie Metcalfe have called for detectors to be installed.

Cllr Pond said: "We are concerned by the endemic delays the lorries have caused and the danger to railway passengers should the bridge be destabilised.

"The bus accident would have had devastating consequences if the bus had been loaded.

"Fortunately, it was empty."

If their plans are approved, a klaxon and flashing lights would be automatically triggered if an oversized vehicle approached the bridge.

This would alert drivers following satnavs to the danger ahead.

Cllr Metcalfe added: "I think the problem has increased since the retail park has opened at the other end of Oakwood Hill and there are more delivery lorries trying to use Roding Road.

"I am sure better signage could prevent a great number of these issues of total congestion when large vehicles find themselves in difficulties trying to reverse or turn around to go back."

Cllr Kevin Bentley, deputy leader and cabinet member for infrastructure at the county council, said it was waiting on data from TfL to determine how common the crashes were before action was taken.