An application to list a library earmarked for closure has been submitted by a councillor.

Buckhurst Hill is one of four libraries in Epping Forest that could close in plans outlined by Essex County Council, with the future of Debden, Chigwell and North Weald also in doubt.

In a bid to deter the closure of the Queens Road library by making any future development more complicated, district councillor Gavin Chambers has requested the building be given listed building status.

The councillor for Buckhurst Hill West and deputy chairman of Epping Forest Conservative Association said: "I strongly oppose the closure of our library and have taken steps to list this Victorian building which is now at risk.

"The more protection this building can have the more likely the character of Queens Road and Buckhurst Hill can be preserved.

"The building also started life as a Baptist church so hopefully that will give us further evidence of its historic importance."

Cllr Chambers suggested protests would only have limited affect and that listing the building was the way to go.

He added: "It’s all very well doing petitions and waving banners but we need to fight fire with fire and this building being listed will make it more difficult for Essex County Council to sell it off. At least if the library closes the building will be preserved.

"I would encourage anyone to also contact Heritage England and write a letter of support to my application.

"All of the Conservatives in Buckhurst Hill are opposing the closure proposal. The county council clearly does not understand that our library is the hub of our town and we don’t want to lose it."