Dementia sufferers and their spouses got into the Christmas spirit with a sing-a-long.

Maggie Dexter from Chingford has attended the weekly sessions from The Alzheimer’s Society Service at The View in Epping Forest since it started in September 2017.

She comes with her husband Danny, who suffers from Huntington's disease and has been living in a care home since June.

She said: “Danny can’t really talk so it’s a case of what we can do together. So I bring him here, it’s a nice way to spend time with him.

“His face just lights up when he’s here, it’s the highlight of the week.

“Danny is mad about music and always has been.

"He can barely speak but you will see him try and sing. He loves it here.

“There are also other people here who are going through similar things. It’s so nice to sit here with everyone else, you can just see how much it means to them. It’s like a family.”

Jenny Cheeseman from Chingford comes with her husband Roy who has been living with dementia for almost a decade.

Mrs Cheeseman said: “It’s a great social atmosphere. Roy talks and gets up and dances.”

She has also started bringing her friend Shirley who was recently diagnosed with dementia.

Shirley said: “I love it here. I was really surprised when I came, everybody is so happy. They come here and join in.”

The Singing for the Brain programme was developed by Alzheimer’s Society for people with memory problems and seeks to promote communication through singing.

To mark the Christmas season a sing-a-long was held for the group's members.

Tasneem Mukith, leader of the Singing for the Brain group, said: “Even when many memories are hard to retrieve, music can sometimes; still be recalled - if only for a short while.

“The sessions help people with dementia communicate improving their mood and leaving them feeling good about themselves.

“There are over 2000 people living with dementia in Waltham Forest and with the right support people can live well with the condition in their communities.”

The Alzheimer’s Society service recently received funding from the City of London to allow it to continue running for the next year.

The group is held weekly on a Tuesday 2pm to 4pm at The View in Epping Forest.