The 1975 vote on joining the EEC was won on the big lie that all we were joining was a market. In 2016 the pro-EU camp campaigned on the big lie that a vote to stay in the EU was only a vote to stay in the single market.

But what market ever demanded that its members abolish their own citizenship, their own armed forces and their own currency? What market needs its own passport, its own flag, its own national anthem, its own central bank, its own president and its own parliament?

The EU is not just a market, it is a political project of becoming a single European state, the United States of Europe, as the powers that be in the EU have always wanted it to become.

What is now at stake is whether Britain is to be a part of this single European state or not. Do all those who want us to be in the single market really want us to be in a single European state? Do all those who call for another referendum really want us to be in a United States of Europe?

Will Podmore,

Clavering Road, Wanstead