Dozens of people are needed to fund a new secondhand entertainment shop.

On February 21 an Oxfam Books and Music will open in Epping.

Prior to its launch on February 21, between 11am and 3.30pm a volunteer recruitment day will be held, followed by an introduction to the shop's workings on Valentine's Day.

As well as retail cashiers, volunteers are needed in a variety of positions and for a variety of functions including online sales, visual merchandising and vinyl record valuing.

A paid shop manager is also sought.

Deborah Docksey, Oxfam's volunteer resource manager, spoke of the challenges of setting up a new charity shop.

She said: "What we do is get a lot of stock which is transferred from other shops, but already in Epping we have had people knocking on our door offering us things.

"We have also had 37 volunteer applications already. That is unheard of.

"I am blown over by the wonderful, warm people of Epping."

In total, the shop requires 80 volunteers to run at full strength.

To apply for the paid position go to