Hundreds of parents and children stood in protest outside their school over a forced academisation by Ofsted.

The campaign set up by pupil’s parents at Waltham Holy Cross School just a week ago held banners and chanted outside Quenton Drive in dismay.

Ofsted placed the primary school into ‘Special Measures’ after failing to improve their standards under their latest inspection last December.

The facility is to be placed under the NET Academies Trust (NETAT) despite over 700 signatures collected by the community to prevent the conversion.

Lauren Alston, who helped organise the campaign, was very pleased with the turnout despite the frosty weather.

“We are not happy with NET taking over,” she said.

“There are a lot of parents and children completely on board, some of which who are not on our Facebook page coming along to make sure their voices were heard too.”

NETAT has denied plans to sell the school’s land worth £11.6 million should they take over.

Despite sending letters from the trust and in protest, Ms Alston felt her points have never been personally addressed.

The mum-of-two said Waltham Holy Cross School has greatly improved over the past two years, praising staff and headmistress Ms Barnet for their efforts.

“Our voices should not only be heard but listened to there is a big difference.”

“Although this is my catchment school It’s still my first choice. I chose this school because it is the best to support my sons needs who’s autistic and I have not been disappointed.”

Enfield Councillor, Rick Jewell, was also in attendance, noting other schools within the county experiencing similar situations.

He said: “My grandson goes to this school I think its really important.

“You see the passion and the commitment the parents have got to fight this, it’s quite inspiring to watch.”

A lot of parents said they would take their kids out of the school if it becomes an academy Murray Sackwild, General Secretary and Caseworker for National Education Union for the West Essex District, gave a speech to highlight the parents protest.

He said: “What is particularly excellent is the parent’s campaign here trying to fight against the position the local authority and the regional commissioning schools that people don’t want unfortunately, “NETAT have refused to speak or discuss with parents and is trying to impose themselves on the school.”

Hashtags to share the event on social media were also set up with the hope of obtaining more signatures for the petition.

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