The district’s MP gave her support to those affected by cancer at a special London event in honour of World Cancer Day earlier this week.

Dame Eleanor Laing visited patients, NHS staff and campaigners from Cancer Research UK in Westminster to discover the charity’s latest research.

Every year, 1,700 people in Epping Forest are diagnosed with cancer.

Dame Eleanor said: “World Cancer Day helps to raise awareness of the scale of the challenge and the role we can all play in the fight against the disease.

"Cancer affects us all - here in the UK and all around the world. We can all work together to beat it, not just the hard-working researchers and NHS staff who help to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

“Small actions really can make a big difference to the lives of people with cancer. That’s why I’m urging people in Epping Forest to show their support all year round.”

World Cancer Day (February 4) is an opportunity for people, organisations and countries to work together, raise awareness and take action to beat the disease.

The Government has made a commitment to diagnose 75 per cent of cases in England at stage one or stage two by 2028.

To reach this target the NHS needs a long-term plan for the cancer workforce otherwise specialist staff won’t be able to meet the present pressures.

Shaun Walsh, head of public affairs and campaigning at Cancer Research UK, said: “A big thank you to Dame Eleanor for joining us to raise awareness on World Cancer Day.

“Parliament has a big part to play in ensuring we work together to beat cancer sooner, and the shared ambition to diagnose more cancers earlier in the years ahead is a welcome one.

“Now to achieve a truly world-leading service and reach our goal of three in four people surviving cancer by 2034, we need to fill current vacancies in the cancer workforce and invest for the long term to produce NHS cancer professionals for today and generations to come.”

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