A charity which supports young people have received a grant from a supermarket to help improve services.

Volunteer mentors at Spark, in Borders Lane, Loughton, will use the £1,000 award from the Waltham Abbey Tesco’s Bag for Life scheme to extend support.

Set up in November 2009, the charity offers support for young people with emotional and mental health issues who are unable to receive counselling.

Branch director, Adele Rogers, from Buckhurst Hill, said funding is very important because the charity runs on a donation only basis.

“We are very grateful to Tesco,” she said. “A lot of people can’t afford private counselling or there is a long wait so it’s about being able to provide that service in and around the Epping Forest area.

“Any money is so crucial, we want to develop the parents support as well because what we find young people need the parents need support as well in order to help the young person.”

Spark is a branch under Worth Unlimited, a national youth charity who provide different services for youngsters across the country.

Ms Rogers said the Loughton based facility plan to hold a special fundraising event in honour of the Spark’s tenth anniversary.

Tesco’s Bags for Life scheme donates money towards community events and resources across the UK based on a shortlist customers can choose from.

“We were really pleased with every penny received from Tesco. Said Ms Rogers.

“They let us stand out and give out leaflets to customers. If people don’t know we are here, they are not able to access the service it literally means we can see more young people.”

For more information, visit worthunlimited.co.uk/spark