A bus company has publicly apologised after "causing chaos" by cutting the number of services it runs.

In October last year Galleon Travel's directors decided to reduce the 420 and 420A services which run from Harlow to Ongar and Harlow to North Weald, both via Epping.

The decision quickly had a negative effect on those reliant on public transport, with many finding themselves stuck at stops for well over an hour.

Megan Baker, the company's director, admitted: "We did not take into account the additional loadings and so the buses weren't running on time.

"It was causing chaos for our passengers. We have been inundated with complaints.

"We realised in November there was an issue."

Galleon submitted an application to restore some of the scrapped buses, with the slightly bolstered service coming into effect on January 21.

Since then however Arriva has pulled its Number 9 bus from Harlow to Epping, leaving a large gap in the timetable.

Keen to make up for their earlier decision Galleon Travel wants to step up and significantly increase its service.

Ms Baker added: "We will be the only service on the road.

"We want to change the time table again to increase the service in the AM and PM.

"We want to make our customers happy again.

"There is a 16.49 service from Epping to Harlow and then nothing until 7.45pm.

"We want it to be every 15 minutes so commuters come out of the station and onto a bus."

Although unlikely to start operating for several months, Galleon Travel wants 11 buses to run the route from 5am in the morning until late in the evening.

An open evening detailing the plans takes place at the Ongar Sports and Social Club on the February 28 from 7.30pm to 9pm.