A widespread introduction of parking permits across the town is "working well" despite some displacement.

On January 21 a permit scheme was rolled out on Epping roads including Egg Hall, Margaret Road, Meadow Road, Shaftesbury Road and Beaconfield Avenue, along with 18 others.

A report to be seen by the district council on Thursday noted the effectiveness of the scheme, which officers claim has increased road safety and improved traffic flow.

An expected but unintended consequence has been the displacement of non-permitted parkers onto other nearby roads.

Nigel Avey, contracts and technical services portfolio holder, said: "As with all parking related schemes there has been the displacement effect.

"I have received complaints from residents where some displaced vehicles are now parking.

"We will have to consider these new roads very carefully and if majority of residents are in favour of new parking restrictions then I shall put these forward to NEPP."