The council has sketched out a plan of action in case the UK crashes out of the EU with no deal.

As the country's March 29 exit date looms senior officers of the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government have asked councils across the country seven questions concerning their preparedness.

Epping Forest District Council has published its contingency measures in areas such as business and transport.

In response to a question concerning the proportion of EU nationals within the district’s workforce the council said: “We have a very small number of EU nationals in our establishment and support will be provided to them should the need arise.”

The Council also confirmed it had prepared and tested communications channels with all community leaders and group.

It predicted services would endure minimal impact following Brexit.

A key concern was inspections of chilled food from EU countries, which would be handed to environmental health officers will be re-tasked to do.

The council was also asked whether its partnerships with disaster planners the Essex Resilience Forum was up to date, to which it revealed staff had been leading daily teleconferences in the lead up to Brexit.

“Arrangements have been put in place to ensure excellent communication between partners during the transition period,” stated the council.