A CCTV camera captured the moment a pair of workers knocked over a man’s wall - only to drive away without leaving a note.

Thames Water workers drove into Rous Road in Chigwell to replace a stretch of lead piping.

The footage shows one of the utility company’s flat bed truck towing a tarmac roller starts to reverse down the road and then make a full turn.

With a colleague waving him on, the man reverses into the driveway of Phil O’Neill.

The tarmac roller creeps back onto the private drive as the truck continues to reverse at an angle, hitting Mr O’Neill’s wall.

The colleague then attempts to hold the cracked wall up using his hands and foot, balancing the loose top of the pillar onto the broken off stump below.

The truck continues its turning attempt before the guiding workmen inspects the broken wall, checks no one is home and then walks away.

Mr O’Neill returned to his home to find the wall broken and no explanation why. The incident happened at around 2pm on December 4

He said: “There was no note or attempt to inform us by the Thames Water workers that they had hit and damaged our driveway wall.

“It is only because CCTV is fitted that we know it was Thames Water.

“To this day, after many emails and telephone calls, Thames Water has admitted fault but failed to pay out any monies to fix the damage they have caused.”

Mr O’Neill posted a video of the crash.

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “We’re really sorry for the accidental damage caused to the front garden wall, and difficulties experienced in getting the proper compensation afterwards.

“As soon as the full facts came to light, we agreed to pay for the repairs and have spoken to the customer to arrange this.

“We’ve fallen short of the high standards we set ourselves and have already launched an internal investigation to try to make sure something like this does not happen again.”

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