The church has made a second attempt to have three houses built on a site which may contain more bronze age pottery.

In June last year Epping Forest District Councillors threw out proposals to build three large detached houses on land east of Church Lane in Sheering.

The plans, which were prepared by Strutt and Parker on behalf of the Diocese of Chelmsford, were considered to go beyond 'limited infilling' of a village and were therefore 'harmful to the Green Belt'.

An architectural study by Maria Medlycott MA recorded that late bronze or early iron age pottery had been found on the site.

In her report she wrote: "The prehistoric finds add to the growing body of evidence for early 1millennium BC settlement along the lea and Stort Valleys.

"A test pit recorded 12th century pottery and building debris, demonstrating medieval activity on the site, as well as foundations for an 18th-19th century brick wall."

Undeterred, the Church of England authority has appealed to have the refusal overturned.

Its follow up application, which residents can comment on until March 18, reads: "The grounds of appeal are that the Council has incorrectly determined the site and proposals as not comprising limited infilling within a village.

"It has therefore failed to recognise that the site and proposals are not inappropriate in the Green Belt as set out

at paragraph of 145 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

"With particular reference to this development, the lack of a five-year supply of housing land has been given little if any weight.

"The supply of additional housing that is not out of keeping with the rest of the settlement of Sheering is considered to be a benefit in this respect, as it assists in the meeting of an identified need within the District."

To comment on the proposals go to and quote reference APP/J1535/W/18/3216022