A Brexit-busting plan to knock down a nursery and replace it with house has been thrown out for a second time.

Last year Tony Humphries had a request refused to knock down the Esperanza horticultural nursery in Stapleford Abbotts and build five house in its place.

Dissatisfied by the councillors' decision, the applicant appealed the decision, only to be turned down again.

The refusal came despite Mr Humphries raising fears about the post-Brexit market rendering unprofitable existing permission to build three larger houses on the site.

The appeal reads: "The applicant has discussed the value of the approved larger units with local estate and land agents and has considered the associated construction costs.

"Agents have identified that the market for large dwellings has changed in recent months, caused in part by uncertainties relating to the Brexit negotiations and the potential for a recession.

"Agents have suggested that a greater number of smaller units would better meet the housing needs of the District and would be easier to sell than the two large homes and one smaller unit."

Mr Humphries first came to the district council with plans to build on the land in December 2015, receiving outline permission then, in September 2016 and March 2017.

Almost four years later work is yet to begin.