A faith school is still falling below standards despite multiple demands to improve.

In April last year Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College in Chigwell lost the Outstanding Ofsted rating it had earned in 2012.

The inspector found a litany of issues, including 'serious concerns about safeguarding pupils.'

Ofsted's follow up in June 2018 found little had changed, as did a further inspection in January this year.

Again judging the school Inadequate, inspector Tracy Fielding wrote: "There is outstanding work recommended to take place following the fire risk assessment, for example fitting fire strips to doors and ensuring that glazing is appropriately fire rated,

"There are store cupboards that are not accessible due to clutter.

"Inspectors saw a craft, design and technology room where passageways are blocked with unused computer equipment.

"Some rooms have missing tiles and hanging wires, as previously reported in June 2018.

"During this inspection, inspectors again found dangerous liquids such as sulphuric acid in the same unlocked cabinets.

"Leaders are not undertaking their duties thoroughly to ensure pupils’ health and safety."

Windows on the second floor were also found to be unsafe, with pupils able to open them fully.

The inspector continued: "There remains a lack of urgency and precision from trustees and senior leaders in

monitoring work being carried out to ensure that pupils’ health, safety and well-being is a priority.

"There has been little improvement in the rigour and strategic direction trustees and senior leaders demonstrate in their work and oversight of the school.

"There is not a clear capacity in the senior leadership and management of the school to bring about these urgent improvements."

When asked about the initial poor report last year a spokesperson for the college admitted it had been slow to react to new indepedent school standards and safeguarding issues and highlighted that outcomes for pupils and quality of teach were considered 'good'.

They also drew attention to some of the report's other positive aspects - including positive teacher/student relationships, 'generally very good' pupil behaviour and diligent use of school planners.