As March 29 approaches will Teresa May’s Brexit deal be passed or will we fall into a No Deal catastrophe? We now know both options are going to make the UK even poorer and mean we will have to raise taxes, continue to cut more services, or both.

What is happening to our police service, youth facilities, children’s centres, care for the elderly? Do we really want to see these provisions cut even further?

This is not the Great Britain that we all try to aspire to that protects its citizens, looks after its young and cares for its elderly.

These austerity cuts were made by a Westminster government, not the European Union. But with less money in the coffers from leaving the trade partnership with the EU, those vital services will continue to be under threat.

We want to make our own decisions not dictated to by powerful trade partners like the US, China, Japan and India who will bully us into lower health and food standards, threatening our farmers with cheap imports of a lower standard. Then we will start to lose our sovereignty.

We want to keep high tech industries, car production, space research, IT, AI, a chemical industry for the future so that Great Britain remains at the cutting edge of development on the world stage. Not something we will achieve as ‘Little Britain’.

Slowly we are realising the impact of Brexit. Both Tories and Labour are split. It is time for the people to decide our future. A ‘Put it to the People’ Vote. We know so much more now, more than back in June 2016.

On Saturday March 23 in Central London hundreds of thousands of people will be marching demanding a ‘Put it to the People’ Vote. With opinion polls showing a majority want us to now stay in the EU a ballot paper with Remain as a choice is what is needed.

Richard Newcombe

Chairman, London4Europe and Waltham Forest European Movement

Spratt Hall Road Wanstead