Bus stops and pubs has been targeted by graffiti artists.

In the past week a series of tags have appeared across Debden.

As well as being scrawled across various walls the graffiti has been written on the side of vans, the boarded up Princess of Wales and on bus stops including one in Goldingham Drive.

Epping Forest Guardian:

The tags are 'Blem' and 'Chubb', which refer to cigarettes or marijuana joints.

The arrival of the tags has caused Joseph Kennedy consternation.

Epping Forest Guardian:

He said: "Outside my house I have already tried to clean the bus stop, then it was attacked another five time in three days.

"They are now spray painting brick walls and vehicles and I have not seen a single police car even patrolling this area.

"The cost to clean up the damage caused in the past weeks must already be many thousands of pounds and every night there is a lot more graffiti.

"This graffiti encourages and attracts more vandalism crime and makes the area feel unsafe like a ghetto."

Epping Forest Guardian:

Mr Kennedy said eight more locations had been targeted overnight on Wednesday.

He believes that a group of about 15 teenagers are responsible for the vandalism.

Epping Forest Guardian: