Two women who sell preloved designer clothes for a fraction of the cost are hosting a catwalk to officially launch their business next month.

Best friends Janine Sturgeon 47, and Liz Salter, 59, from Heathrow set up Salter & Sturgeon in October 2018 after suffering from ‘housewifetis’ and ‘empty-nest syndrome’ respectively.

Both realising they have lots of unworn clothes and a passion for fashion, the friends decided to begin selling their designer items online with huge success.

The fashionistas became friends over 30 years ago through an unusual fashion exchange.

“I was working in a nightclub’s reception and Janine had left her black leather bomber jacket with white polka dots there and I loved it,” explained Mrs Salter. “I tried the jacket on when she was in the club only to be caught by her when she came back.”

Less than six months after launching, the duo have set up a boudoir at Mrs Sturgeon’s annexe in Abridge filled with hardly worn designer garments.

Customers can book appointments where they can try on items and even receive styling advice whether its dressing for an occasion or every day.

“We work on a 50/50 basis, each item sold the owner gets 50 per cent and between me and Liz we receive the other 50 per cent,” said Mrs Sturgeon. “It fits our lifestyle in terms of we are available for our friends and family because we have already sacrificed so much over the years. “

Not only do both women have successful backgrounds in recruitment, both are keen to tackle the environmental issues surrounding the fashion world today.

“One of the things we are focusing on is the amount of clothes disposed in landfill, around £8 million worth each year,” empathised Mrs Sturgeon. “I take courses at the London College of Fashion and the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.”

“What we are trying to do is for example, a Victoria Beckham dress, worth £1,200 worn only once or twice, we’re selling it for £200 why would you not do it?”

To celebrate the self-run business growing success and demand, a free fashion show will be held at Abridge Village Hall.

Girls from sizes eight to 20 will showcase the ever-growing collection for guests who can purchase the items and visit pop-up stalls on the night.

Mrs Salter added: “People link it back to the idea of buying second-hand clothes from charity shops, what we are trying to do is raise the profile of pre-loved clothes for eco reasons.”

Salter & Sturgeon’s Fashion Friday official launch show will be on Friday, April 26 at Abridge Village Hall.

Visit their Instagram page @Salter_Sturgeon to shop and for more information.