A plan to construct seven new homes and an overflow of a pub’s car park have been opposed by Moreton, Bobbingworth and The Lavers Parish Council.

The owner of the Nag’s Head in Moreton, near Ongar, had originally submitted to build four houses, three bungalows and a new overflow car park.

The Parish Council voted unanimously to oppose the application and urged residents to write to Epping Forest District Council, which will make the final decision.

Parish councillor John Deveraux said: "The new plan does include some parking spaces but most, if not all, of these will be used by the occupants of the new homes as well as their visitors.”

Parish Council said Moreton Primary School and villagers "vehemently" oppose the plan, fearing the area will become "gridlocked" twice a day.

Concerns were also raised about Church Road, a popular route for schoolchildren, which has no pavements, street lights and a lack of sufficient additional parking spaces.

A request by the council has been made that yellow lines are painted at the junction of Gould Close where three serious accidents have occurred.

The parish council added that the overflow car park is used for access by dog walkers, ramblers and other groups and the loss will have a severe impact on residents.

The development will also completely cut off the Showman’s site at Lakeview as the gate through the car park is the only access to the village centre, the council said.

Parish councillor Graeme Cooper told Monday's parish council meeting: "Chaos looms in Moreton and residents are facing their biggest local challenge since the Second World War, and this has nothing to do with Brexit."

Greene King says it is seeking to establish "the principle of residential development" on the site.