A space-themed exhibition is set to launch this weekend in honour of 50 years since the first manned moon landing.

‘Man on the Moon’ will be based at Epping Forest District Museum on Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, filled with a lifetime of artefacts and objects.

Astronaut fans will have the chance to try on a space suit and watch and listen to sound and video recordings produced during this historical landmark.

Epping Forest District Museum heritage and culture assistant, Natalie Cole, said: “It’s a celebration of the moon landing and we are really looking forward to it.”

When asked how preparation for the exhibition has been going, Ms Cole added: “Luckily, we have had no Apollo 13 incidents happen.”

Several photographs collected by the museum will recreate the timeline of the race to space between Russia and USA.

Technology used by the two countries to get to the moon first that has influenced what we use today will also be showcased.

Ms Cole also said to “wait and see” for a special celebration on the exhibition’s last day, Saturday, July 20, the moon landing’s official 50th anniversary.

‘Man on the Moon’ will run from Saturday, April 6 to Saturday, July 20. Entrance is free, donations are gratefully received.