Candidate lists for the upcoming borough elections in Epping Forest have been released.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 2 where the following seats fr parish, town and district councillors in the borough are up for election.

Here is who will be vying for your vote:

Broadley Common, Epping Upland and Nazeing

Nigel Anthony Bruce Avey – Conservative, Edward Barnard – Liberal Democrats, Anna Louise Widdup – Green Party

Buckhurst Hill West

Joseph Vaughan Barkham – Liberal Democrats, Jill Elizabeth Bostock – Labour, Thomas Bartholomew Hall – Young People`s Party, Aniket Patel – Conservative

Chigwell Village

Jamie Braha – Conservative Party, Rashni Chahal Holden – TBC, Kay Morrison – Labour, Kaz Rizvi –Independent

Chipping Ongar, Greensted and Marden Ash

Allan Edmunds – Liberal Democrats, Paul Stefan Keska – Conservative, Robin Charles William Tillbrook – English Democrats

Epping Hemnall

Inez Lorraine Collier – Labour, Michael Robert Ellis – Conservative, Cherry Sharon McCredie – Liberal Democrats

Epping Lindsey and Thornwood Common

Ingrid Lesley Black – Liberal Democrat, Simon David Bullough – Labour Party, Barry George Johns –TBC, Christopher Laurence Whitbread – Conservative

Grange Hill

Kay Morrison – Labour, Sheree Lisa Rackham – Conservative


Nigel Anthony Bruce Avey – Conservative, Dawn Sarah Baird – Conservative, Christine Janette Burgess – Conservative, Inez Lorraine Collier Labour, Barry George Johns – TBC, Cherry Sharon McCredie – Liberal Democrats, Peter John Murray – Conservative, Barbara Anne Scruton – Conservative, Mari-Louise Whitbread – Conservative, Jon Whitehouse – Liberal Democrats


Richard Michael Griffiths – Liberal Democrats, Brian Arthur Rolfe – Conservative

Lower Nazeing

Richard Derek Bassett – Conservative, Martin Harvey – UK Independence Party, Elaine Frances Thatcher – Liberal Democrats

Lower Sheering

Pesh Kapasiawala – Liberal Democrats, Paul Christopher Stalker – Conservative


Thomas Burt Arnold – TBC, Stanley Keith Benton – Independent, Sarah Willow Billingham –Independent , Karen Melanie Louise Carter – TBC, Sue Carter – Independent, Mark Frydrych – Independent, Kev Orkian – Independent, Margaret Ann Smith – Independent

St John’s

Simon John Baker – Conservative, Ingrid Lesley Black – Liberal Democrats, Simon David Bullough – Labour, John Edward Duffell – Conservative, Richard Michael Griffiths – Liberal Democrats, Hugh Pergum – Conservative, Grahame Richard Scruton – Conservative, John Alan Smith – Conservative, Michael George Wright – Conservative

Waltham Abbey North East

Jeane Lea – Conservative, Lillian Ann Mitchell – Conservative, Timothy John Maurice Vaughan –Liberal Democrats

North Weald Bassett

Jaymey McIvor – Conservative, Georgia Simmons – Liberal Democrats, Andy Tyler – Independent


Clive Ewart Amos – Liberal Democrats, Mary Stewart Sartin – Conservative, Stuart Shipton – Labour

Waltham Abbey High Beach

Naomi Elizabeth Davies – Liberal Democrats, Paul Richard Skinner Morris – TBC, Syd Stavrou – Conservative

Waltham Abbey Honey Lane

Philip Chadburn – Liberal Democrats, Robert Fredrick Greydon – Labour, Carina Dawn Hill – Green Party, Sam Kane – Conservative Party, Patricia Richardson – For Britain Movement

Waltham Abbey North East

Rebecca Fricker – Green Party, Lillian Ann Mitchell – Conservative Party, Timothy John Maurice Vaughan – Liberal Democrats

Waltham Abbey Paternoster

Bob Holmes – Conservative Party, Jodie Lucas – Conservative, Gareth Leonard Rawlings – Labour, Vernon Gurtner – Green Party, Julian Peter Leppert – For Britain Movement, Gareth Leonard Rawlings – Labour, Nick Read – Liberal Democrats, Liz Webster – Conservative

Waltham Abbey South West

Helen Kane – Conservative, Dave Plummer – Green Party, Paul Tippett – Conservative, Ricki Gadsby – Conservative

Please note uncontested elections for certain constituencies have already taken place.

Visit to view all of the results.