Richard Newcombe (We need another vote, Opinion, April 4) sagely warns us that leaving the EU would cause a ‘lack of medical supplies’. Professor Russell Viner, the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, recently sent out an email to all 19,000 GPs and a press release to media outlets saying: “I have been considerably reassured by the Governments’ preparations relating to medicines supplies. You may be surprised by this, given some of what has appeared in the press! However, we have seen that governments, the MHRA [Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] and the NHS have been working hard behind the scenes in these areas and we believe that our medicine supplies are very largely secured, with panic stockpiling appearing to be the biggest risk. We do not believe there is a need to stockpile medicines and would encourage you to dissuade patients from doing so.”

Perhaps Mr Newcombe knows more about the state of medical supplies than Professor Viner. Then again, perhaps he doesn’t.

Mr Newcombe ends by writing ‘now that we know so much more about the EU’. Yes, indeed we do. We know that three years after we voted freely and fairly to leave it, its agents have so far stopped us leaving.

All the events of the past three years prove the truth of what we leavers always said about the EU: it is not just a market, it is a coercive, democracy-denying body that will try to override and crush any democratic opposition to its power, and it will use its agents – like May and Hammond - to try to overthrow any votes against its rule,

Will Podmore

Clavering Road, Wanstead