Residents are being asked to identify as either a Saxon or a Viking by re-enacting a historic event during an annual festival town procession next month.

Holy Cross Day, in Waltham Abbey, celebrates the landmark moment when the marble cross arrived at the Abbey Church in 1035.

Said to have been discovered in Montacute, Somerset, the cross is said to have been carried by 12 white and 12 red oxen across the country.

Vikings and Saxons played an important in making sure the stone was delivered to several churches by Tovi the Proud, Standard Bearer to King Cnut.

In order to uphold the popular town tradition, volunteers are being asked to take on the roles to help complete this years procession.

According to historic facts, Waltham Abbey and Waltham Cross then grew up around the cross to become an important pilgrimage site.

Today, the town still attracts tourist groups from across the world for its rich history, including France, USA and China.

Walkers can join the procession at Waltham Abbey Town Lock at around 1.30pm, reaching the church at about 2pm where bells will ring out.

An advertisement promoting Holy Cross day also stated other activities listed throughout the annual event.

It said: “Two recently found short films from the 1950s and 1960s will be shown - A Church Fete at the now demolished Joyce House and

The 1960 Holy Cross Day Service, which was the 900th Anniversary of the Founding of King Harold’s Church.

“See them in the Lady Chapel of the Abbey Church.

Holy Cross Day is set to take place on Saturday, May 4.

If you would like to take part in Holy Cross Day, contact Tricia Gurnett, chairman of Waltham Abbey Town Parish Tourism Committee at