A transit van has been crushed the City of London Corporation after being involved in the illegal fly-tipping incidents across the district.

The white vehicle was seized by Metropolitan and Essex Police on Friday, February 22, after being caught disposing three tonnes of waste.

The decision was passed following new powers under the City of London Corporation (Open Spaces) Act 2018 for the first time.

Each year, between 600 and 800 fly tips are cleared in Epping Forest and in the last five years, 73 people have been ordered to pay out £32,689.03 for fly tipping in Epping Forest.

The growing cost of removing fly-tips and litter has forced the City Corporation to divert £320,000 each year away from managing the Forest for public recreation and wildlife conservation to simply disposing of waste.

Philip Woodhouse, Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Epping Forest and Commons Committee, said: “Fly tipping is bad for the environment and public health, and a waste of funds that could be better used to support Epping Forest.

“I am outraged that the irresponsible actions of fly tippers are wasting charitable funds that should be invested in the management of the Forest.

“I hope that the crushing of this vehicle sends a strong message that fly tipping will not be tolerated.

“In this case, our staff were able to respond quickly to reports made to our 24-hour emergency line – 020 8532 1010 – and I urge the public to continue to report suspicious activity by fly tippers.”

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “Essex Police recognise the damage done to the County by fly-tipping and were pleased to support the operation by the City Corporation to seize and crush this vehicle which was clearly implicated in illegal fly tipping activity.”

The City Corporation protects and conserves 18 important green spaces in London and south east England and over 200 smaller ones in the Square Mile.

They include important wildlife habitats, sites of scientific interest and national nature reserves. They are protected from being built on by special legislation.

Green spaces across London are funded by over £29million a year from the City Corporation, together with donations, sponsorship, grants and income generated on site.