The district council has released a draft document for its proposals of the economic development plan.

Strategic proposals focusing on a range of topics across the Epping Forest District have been set out from 2019 to 2025.

Establishing a cross-sector partnership between east Herts and west Essex regions and improving employment opportunities, particular within the public sector are key areas of development listed.

Economic development portfolio holder, Cllr Sam Kane, published a statement explaining Epping Forest District Council’s outlined proposals.

He said: “Our district is a prosperous place with an economy that is resilient and strong.

“However, we are constantly looking to maximise opportunities that will benefit our residents, support our long-established businesses and nurture the ones that are yet to come.

“The district’s strength lies in its beautiful green and unique heritage coupled with its connections to London and the opportunities presented by economic growth in neighbouring districts.

“This however also brings many challenges not least the lack of available land for growth, given that we are over 90% Green Belt and our residents wish to protect this wherever possible.”

The economic development strategy proposal can be read on the Epping Forest District Council’s website, deadline to send feedback is Monday, May 27.

Please send any contributions to Duncan Haslam (Economic Development assistant) at