The newly elected Green Party councillor has spoken of his surprise and delight in winning last weeks local elections.

Dave Plummer, who represents Waltham Abbey South West ward, beat Conservative candidates Helen Kane, Paul Tippett and Ricky Gadbsy for a seat at Epping Forest District Council.

A total of 540 votes won Mr Plummer 47 per of the votes within the ward on Thursday, May 2.

“We did not expect to win, as it’s a very Conservative area”, explained Mr Plummer, “We thought there was a small chance.

“I had a lot of pints bought on Friday and people coming up to me saying well done.”

As part of his electoral campaign, the Green Party councillor had co-leader Sian Berry help persuade residents to vote for him earlier this year.

A total of 194 Green Party candidates were voted in across the country in last weeks elections.

Improving the public and active transport, preventing “inappropriate” housing development and being a more active councillor present I just some of the Mr Plummer’s hopes as councillor.

Mr Plummer is currently completing his training programme to learn the do’s and don’ts od the Epping Forest District Council.

“I hope I can do them justice” he added.