A driver who travelled for more than a mile down the wrong way of the M25 before being stopped by officers.

The vehicle entered from J26 at Waltham Abbey at the slip road at the bottom of Woodridden Hill and then drove towards J27 on Saturday, May 11.

Fortunately the car was stopped by police at the scene due to a brief closure in place along the motorway.

Once police managed on duty managed to pull the driver over, they blamed their sat-nav for poor driving.

Officers warned that the incident could have caused a serious or even fatal accident.

A tweet published by Essex Roads Policing Unit- South said: “Thankfully, whilst dealing with an RTC on the section of the #M25 without a hard shoulder we had a brief closure as otherwise this car DRIVING TOWARDS US could have caused a serious/fatal accident.

“Satnav excuse given despite them driven over a mile past the No Entry signs.”