A fourth attempt of a break-in of a baseball club and their storage container has been reported.

A dogwalker spotted two men causing damage to the perimeter fence around the Essex Arrows Baseball Club on Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey, on the evening of Tuesday, May 14.

Fortunately, the duo fled the site without taking anything, but left the storage container noticeably damaged.

Jamie Steed, secretary and treasurer of Essex Arrows Baseball Club, praised the community support the club has received following last month’s major vandalism attack.

He said: “People have been posting on Facebook groups in Waltham Abbey offering us support and wishing us good luck that we can get this sorted out.

“It is good for the players to see people there are people in the area who do support us and want help us as much as they can.”

Describing the baseball club as “quite a unique sport and quite isolated on the field”, Mr Steed believes the latest incident was targeted.

Bleachers worth £7,000 were seriously damaged including signs of drug use, a bonfire and around £200 worth of new baseballs and key equipment was stolen in April.

The shocking vandalism was the third time in less than a year the site received unprovoked attacks days before the opening season.

Days after the incident, Rainbow Estate Agents, on Market Square, Waltham Abbey, donated £200 so Essex Arrows could replace the stolen baseballs.

Waltham Abbey Town Council have also announced they will be increasing security around the storage container with additional locks being installed.

“This damage to the fence and container has cost the club even more money to repair which is now becoming so regular, we will need to raise funds in the future to repair additional damage,” said Mr Steed “The dugout is being redecorated and secured which should be completed by the summer.”

“The bleachers we have not been able to replace because it is too expensive until more grant money can be bought in.

“It is the care now trying to get as much as we can from various grants to improve everything.”

CCTV cameras have also recently been donated to Essex Arrows which is set to be installed next weekend.

Essex Police are currently investigation the situation, no leads have been made.

Essex Arrows will play against the Herts Falcons at Town Mead in an NBL fixture on Sunday, May 19, 12pm.