Richard Newcombe’s interpretation of the results of the European Parliament elections (Will of the people 2019, Letters, May 30) is somewhat at odds with reality. Only the results for the Brexit Party and UKIP can truly be identified as for a singular outcome, leave. People voting for the parties he mentions attaining a total of 40 per cent of the vote may have voted for a plethora of reasons other than remain. Why does he not include votes for Labour and Conservatives in either of his totals?

With Alistair Campbell leaving Labour and Lord Heseltine leaving the Conservatives to vote Lib Dem for remain, does this not suggest that Labour and Conservatives are for leave? Using Richard’s methodology this would be the case. Lord Heseltine is now President of the European Movement, which Richard represents in Walthamstow.

He mentions loss of jobs and opportunities and a recession continuing at a pace. We have no recession and job creation and employment are at a high. This contrasts sharply with the high unemployment in mainland EU. He and his ilk continue to attempt to frighten the public with Project Fear by dissembling.

He praises the democratic process in the EU where we have just 73 MEPs, less than 10 per cent of the total in the parliament and just one seat of 28 in the Council of Ministers.

This hardly gives us control and only little influence.

We had the people’s vote in 2016 and the EP election result, contrary to his assumptions, endorsed that. A loser’s referendum without implementing the first would be an affront to democracy.

Michael McGough

Wellfields, Loughton