A four-day strike has been announced by a primary school following disputes over forced academisation by Ofsted.

Over 20 members of the National Educational Union (NEU) are taking part in the protest for Waltham Holy Cross School on Quenton Drive, Waltham Abbey.

The ongoing campaign was set up by the pupil’s parents tensions back in December 2018 when the school was placed in ‘Special Measures’.

The facility is to be placed under the NET Academies Trust (NETAT) despite over 700 signatures collected by the community to prevent the conversion.

Jerry Glazier, NEU Essex Branch Secretary, said: “The Union is giving its full backing to members in their determination not to become an academy.

“We fully support the view that continuing significant school improvements should now enable the Secretary of State to remove the academy order.

“In the best interests of the pupils, parents, local community and staff we urgently ask the secretary of state to give reconsideration to the Union demand to remove the academy order and cancel the proposed transfer to NET Academies Trust (NETAT).

“This will avoid the strike action taking place.”

Several protests have already taken place throughout the year over the unpopular decision.

NETAT has even proposed shorter break times and extend school days should they take over the teaching facility.

The academy trust also denied plans to sell land the school’s estimated £11.6m worth of land to a property investment director.

An Ofsted spokesperson has previously refused to say whether the governmental body would consider re-inspecting the school, but argued it was 'confident' the report was an 'accurate reflection of the school'.

“Ben Collin, joint NEU School Representative, said: “Taking industrial action as a teacher is never an easy decision to make as we always place the children and their learning first.

“However, it is impossible to ignore the potential negative impact that the Academisation order and the appointment of NET Academies Trust as the school’s sponsor could have on our children’s futures.

“The school continues to improve the minimal input from external agencies and we are adamant that the headteacher Mrs Barnett and the Senior Leadership Team will lead the school to become, as our unofficial school motto states, ‘the best school in the universe’ without the need to privatise the education of our children.”

The protest is set to take place on Thursday, June 20 and from Tuesday June 24, to Thursday, June 27.

Visit saveourschool.org.uk or @HandsOffWHX for more information.