An appeal has been launched to trace the owners of missing rabbit found in a recreation ground yesterday.

The bunny was found on Monday morning (June, 17) hopping around Stonards Hill, Epping, by town supervisor, Bill Towers, and groundsman, Dave Manning.

The duo managed to get the young creature into a cage and brought it to Epping Hall for safekeeping.

Epping Town Council released an image of the with white and brown smudged fur rabbit, whom they believe is a girl, on social media today.

Town clerk, Beverley Rumsey, said: “Epping Town Council’s office team are keen pet owners and lovers and are looking after it until the owner can be found or a new owner if necessary.

“The bunny looks quite young, probably around four to six months old and thankfully looks to be in good health apart from a scratch on their nose which seems to be healing nicely.

“Bunny is being well cared for as the Town Clerk and Cemetery and Finance Officer are both bunny owners, so a cage, sawdust, hay and food were easily accessible.

“Bunny has the radio on for company, the pet stall on the Market also provided some emergency food on Monday.”

Anyone coming forward will have to prove they are the bunny’s owner, until such time, he/she will be well looked after by Epping Town Council staff.

Please contact Epping Town Council if you believe the rabbit is yours on info@eppingtowncouncil or 01992 579444.