A soul singer who is one of the one hundred judges on a BBC television show is set to perform at this year’s Loughton Town Festival.

Tina Temsie, better known as her stage name Tina T, from Walthamstow, is ready to bring Motown to Loughton for a fundraising gig for the Epping Forest Neighbourhood Watch Group.

The singer is well-known for appearing on entertainment show ‘All Together Now’ since it first aired in 2018.

When asked about how she felt about performing a 60’s and 70’s themed night for residents, Ms Temsie, said: “I’m really excited, all of the money goes towards charity and I do a lot for charity.

“I think is really important for people to be involved whether it’s for cancer or children anything that’s going to raise awareness.

“I’ve done a lot of event for events in Loughton and I know its going to be a fantastic event.”

The tribute singer has been performing as music legend Tina Turner across the country for numerous occasions over the years.

Singing since she was child, Ms Temsie was inspired to pursue a full-time career in the music industry after the September 11 attacks “I was working in recruitment at the time and that was the sign for me to say life is too short.

“I handed in my notice and then went to the studio laid down five tracks on CD’s and started around local venues and got my first gig within the week and haven’t looked back.”

Within that time, the soul singer has worked at Abbey Road Studios and set up her own band, with the current line-up all close the district.

Her saxophonist has previously performed alongside for Amy Winehouse and Prince is from Epping, whilst her percussionist has been booked by the Royal family and the Beckhams, hails from Chingford.

When asked how she landed her role on BBC’s ‘All Together Now, the singer said: Somebody found out about me and contacted to ask to do the pilot episode, BBC bought the show and we’ve now done two series and filming starts again in September.

“It’s a scary thing to stand and sing in front of a hundred people for two minutes, however, we are all professionals in our field whether we are MD’s vocal coaches, tribute acts, West End performers. everyone is experienced in their own field.

“I just laugh and smile the whole six weeks we film.”

Loughton Town Festival presents 60s and 70s night will take place at Lopping Hall, Loughton at 7pm, Saturday, June 22.

Tickets are £10, purchase via Eventbrite or on the night with a chance to enter a raffle.