The district’s MP has encouraged more women who are mothers to pursue a career in politics.

A mother of two herself, Dame Eleanor voiced her opinion in the Chamber of the House of Commons earlier this week.

Dame Eleanor is also a supporter of campaign group, Women2Win, who encourage more Conservative women to be elected and aim to fairly represent MP’s at all levels of politics.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, June 18, the Epping Forest MP said: “I want to encourage women not to be afraid of becoming a mother and an MP. It’s a challenge but it’s worth it.”

Attached to the Tweet included a small clip of Dame Eleanor stating her thoughts on the issue, saying:

“There is still a small number of women here in Parliament who have become mothers while being members of Parliament and those of us who have done it knows it’s a challenge, but it is far from impossible.

“It is very, very, worthwhile and really important that we encourage more of our sisters to follow this path and don’t let them be put off by anything.”

Her comments reflect pregnant Labour MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy’s campaign for Parliament to review their maternity rights stating she feels forced to choose ‘between being an MP or a mum.’

Currently, Ipsa, the body which regulates MPs' pay, does not automatically provide paid cover for MPs on parental leave.

Ms Creasy said she had previously suffered miscarriages and was 'terrified things might go wrong again'.

Under UK law, women are allowed up to 52 weeks maternity leave and must take two weeks leave as soon as their baby is born.

Tory politician’s Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid, two of the contenders to become the next Conservative Leader and Prime Minister, have also voiced their support.