A stray corn snake was recovered by police officers this morning after it was seen slithering past a church.

A member of the public alerted PC Edwards who was on patrol by High Beach Church, Loughton, at around 11am that they had seen the animal.

The red and white scaled reptile, which measured just over a metre long, was eventually captured just on the outskirts of the church’s grounds.

PC Laura Chalcraft, pictured with the snake, was the only one brave enough to hold it upon its recovery.

She said: “I just wanted to have a hold of it before it went off to the RSPCA. I love them.”

Describing the animal as “very friendly”, Loughton Police Station said: .

“PC Edwards went to have a look and realised it was not indigenous to the area.

“They then requested the assistance of one of the local dog units whop is pretty confident with snakes.

“We have not dealt with many snake incidents; they are often spotted within the forest but this is the first one we have seen out of the grass.”

If you have or know anyone that has lost this snake then please contact RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.