Mr Podmore’s letter (It’s safe to crash out now, Letters, June 27) quotes comments made by Sir Mark Sedwill, who is the Head of the Home Civil Service in March 2019. He was talking about how prepared we could be with a no-deal Brexit looming. Remember that the Government has set aside £4.2 billion to cover the cost of our withdrawal - money that could have been spent on the NHS and go someway to overcoming cuts in services.

However Mr Podmore fails to mention Mark Sedwill’s dire predictions of the impact of a no deal Brexit in a letter to the Prime Minister on April 12. The letter was leaked to the Daily Mail.

No Deal will result in 10 per cent rise in food rises, the Government would come under ‘enormous pressure to bail out companies on the brink’. The UK would be hit by a recession and sterling depreciation ‘more harmful’ than in 2008. It would hamper the police and security services to keep Britain safe. It would lead to the reimposition of direct rule by London over Northern Ireland. These were the warnings given to his colleagues on the cabinet.

Mr Podmore talks of ‘informal and formal agreements’ having been made with the EU in the lead up to a no deal exit . Some agreements have to be made to avoid chaos at our ports and airports after a no deal but to suggest that worker protection will continue after a no deal Brexit is not correct.

That is why in the recent negotiations between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to agree on a withdrawal deal, the idea that the Worker’s Rights that the EU has given us will be safe for ever if these laws are transferred to Westminster. Obviously they would not. A change of government means existing legislation can be challenged.

So health and safety at work, equal opportunities for women and men, protection against discrimination (based on sex, race, religion, age, disability), labour law (covering part time work, fixed term contracts, working hours, informing and consulting employees in negotiations ) are all under threat.

Since June 2016 more and more people are becoming aware of the issues around leaving the EU. They realise that leaving can effect their jobs and businesses, standard of living and the future of their children. That is why opinion polls continually show the support for Remain is now in the majority and growing.

The Labour and Tory Parties are so indecisive. The solution is to put it back to the electorate in a People's Vote.

Richard Newcombe,

Chair of Waltham Forest European Movement and London4Europe