Students at secondary school got a taste of the working world by taking part in several activities in honour of the school’s careers week.

Year 10 pupils at Roding Valley High School, on Alderton Hill, Loughton, experienced what life would be like once they leave to pursue their career choices.

Events such as, A-Level taster day, college applications and apprenticeships, alongside receiving advice on writing effective CVs were provided to youngsters.

Donna Mason, careers development manager at Roding Valley High School, said: “Educating our students about careers choices is a huge focus for us at Roding Valley High School; it’s such an important area for students to have information on, particularly at this key point in their lives.

“Gaining awareness of workplace organisations and the qualifications they will need helps them make informed choices about their post-16 education plans, which is why we complement this learning with our A-Level taster day as part of the Careers Week.”

Students were also given the opportunity to gain real life experience with parents and guardians as part or join a taster day at Epping Forest College.

Careers week is one of the many initiatives the school has in order to increase employability; in June, the school held a business breakfast for Year 12 students to network with a range of employers.

Sharon Jenner, headteacher at Roding Valley High School, said: “We firmly believe that educating students about careers and employability should be an essential part of any education.

“I am really proud of the careers provision that we give our students at Roding Valley High School - we aren’t just giving them an education; we are preparing them for the world that awaits them after school.”