Plans to build three new properties have been opposed by Epping Town Council.

The planning proposal made by Theydon Trust, wanted to build housing on Margaret Road, Epping, who had previously constructed a one-bedroom bungalow along the street in 2015.

Residents who live close to the proposed housing voiced their concerns to councillors at the planning and general purposes committee on Tuesday, July 9.

Issues included the overlooking of properties, privacy, the loss of daylight to the gardens and back windows and the loss of mature trees and dense hedging.

Five on-street parking spaces would also be lost to construction to make way for four off-road parking spaces with dropped kerbs.

Cllr Mari-Louise Whitbread said such properties were "very deserving" but expressed concerns over the issues raised by neighbours,

"I find it hard to object totally,” she said. “We need those dwellings in Epping but I certainly think some of it needs looking at again, especially the overlooking."

The committee voted to object to two applications - one for two dwellings on land behind 1-7 Margaret Road and another next to 7 Margaret Road.

The other was dismissed on the grounds of loss of amenity, parking and overdevelopment.

Cllr Cherry McCredie said: "Whilst I accept we need extra housing, there becomes a point of saturation."

The committee said it appreciated the need for such accommodation within the district but felt a redesign of the scheme would be the best solution.