This year’s Loughton Town Festival raised a total of £1,114.44 over within four weeks for a youth charity.

Sue Taylor, founder of the festival and previous Governor for Oak View School in Loughton, chose Accuro as one of the charities to fundraise for during the month-long cultural showcase.

She was inspired to offer them support after seeing a real need for both respite and social activities for the young people with a disability in Loughton.

Noticing how isolated mothers with disabled children felt, Mrs Taylor said: “Unlike at a mainstream school where parents tend to congregate at the school gates, when your child attends a special school you don’t get to meet other parents and support one another.

“The bus may come to collect your child in the morning, so you don’t get to make lifelong friends in the same way.

“I also remember the youth clubs being a lifeline for the families as it was a way for the kids to come together in a normal way and just be themselves. My hope is that the support for parents will eventually come back.”

To help raise as much money as possible for Accuro, the annual fringe-style event held several entertainment evenings and activities.

The two main events included Songbirds, an all-female musical ensemble performance by Songbirds at High Beach Church and a charity quiz night hosted by The Hairy Quizzers.

The idea for the weekly quiz led by childhood friends Zach and George are known for running two weekly quiz nights in Woodford and Loughton.

The duo said: “We’re passionate about services like the Loughton Youth Group because just like we love being able to bring our friends together on a weekly basis at the quiz, they are a way for young people with a disability to also come together, spend time with their friends.”

Tiwa Odukoya, communications and community fundraising officer said: “This is such an incredible amount that will go towards the Loughton Youth Group and ensure that the young people continue to have a fun and safe space to build valuable friendships and learn life skills.

“We are very grateful for Sue Taylor, the Songbirds and Hairy Quizzers for choosing us and helping to raise awareness of our charity here.

“It just demonstrates the great community spirit present here in Loughton.”

To find out about the next Quiz Night event held by The Hairy Quizzers, please join the Facebook Group at @TheHairyQuizzers.

To find out more about Loughton Youth Group and Accuro, please visit