Transport for London bosses have confirmed parts of the Central Line tracks will be replaced.

The aim of the work is to reduce the deafening screeching as trains pass over the rails between Wanstead and Leytonstone.

Councillors travelled with representatives from Transport for London between Wanstead and Leytonstone to sample the noise and to hear about the new plans.

The work is scheduled to take place over the next three months during engineering hours so is not expected to cause any disruption to passengers.

Those living above the line in roads like Highstone Avenue, Wanstead, can currently hear the noise of the trains in their houses. The new track will hopefully resolve these issues.

Cllr Paul Donovan, who represents Wanstead Village ward, said: “This is good news, though, long overdue. We have been raising the problem on the line between Wanstead and Leytonstone for some time. There have been past promises to remedy the situation that have come to nothing.

“Now it seems that the Central Line management have listened and decided to address the problem in the most comprehensive way.

“Let’s hope this brings an end to the deafening noise endured by commuters on this part of the track and for those who live in the houses above, who have also suffered from the noise pollution.”

Peter McNaught, London Underground’s director of asset operations, said: “We do our utmost to be good neighbours and remain committed to do all we can do keep noise levels to a minimum.

“We fully understand the effect that noise from the Tube can have on local residents which is why we will be carrying out work on the Central line between Leyton and Wanstead to try to minimise noise, and have met with residents to try and address their concerns.”