A ten-year-old boy has set up his own business converting old VHS tapes onto DVDs so people can re-watch treasured memories captured on camera.

Tom Linton from Loughton launched Tom Transfers last summer after his mother purchased a VHS converter for their personal family tapes.

Since learning how to use machine, the youngster has completed around 150 videos, charging customers £5 per cassette.

Tom’s mother Joanne Linton, a nursery nurse, said: “I think it is absolutely amazing. I am so proud of him. It is lovely to see him achieving and being able to help people.

“Although people are paying him, he is offering them a service and giving back to them. I think it is very good for children to learn these things.

She added: “I bought the machine because I had copies of my parents' wedding. I wanted to be able to keep those copies as my Mum has passed away now and show them to my Dad.”

Epping Forest Guardian:

After successfully converting other family members' VHS tapes, the 10-year-old decided to expand his business within the district while fitting school and homework in-between.

Tom offered his school and several others vouchers as part of raffle draw prizes to encourage more people to use his service.

Ms Linton has also created a Facebook page for Tom’s Transfers where numerous people have been left surprised and impressed about the fact that a child is head of the business.

“I help him out through the Facebook page and contacting people,” explained Ms Linton. “He will answer from time to time but I will monitor what is sent.

“People have talked about sending VHS tapes down to us by post to convert, they have said they would pay for postage to have them sent back.

“We have had quite a few responses over the summer holidays, he had one lady give them 20 to convert before the May half-term.”

To celebrate, Tom purchased annual passes to Legoland with profits raised at the end of last year for him and his mum to enjoy.

The 10-year-old is also keen to learn how to copy recordings from USB sticks and mobile phone recordings on to DVD to keep the business going.

When asked what Tom likes the most about doing the VHS conversions, his mother said: “He enjoys the fact he can help other people because he knows how important it was to us to see photos of my Mum and Dad and videos of me and my brother as a child.

“I think he likes the idea to help keep people’s memories alive. He is very, very careful with them because he knows how precious they are.”

If you would like to have your VHS tapes converted, visit Tom’s Transfers Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tomtransfers/