A new parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Epping Forest has been announced.

Businessman Darren Selkus will contest the constituency in the next general election, standing against current district MP, Dame Eleanor Laing.

The 48-year-old husband and father of two only considered pursuing politics after receiving a letter from the Brexit Party in May of this year.

Mr Selkus said: “I have no experience in politics but hungry to learn and apply all my experience from 10 years in the British Army and 17 years as CEO of a UK Plc to represent the people of this constituency.”

For the last 17 years, the Brexit Candidate has been the chairman and CEO of UV Group Plc, a wood veneer products manufacturing and international trading company.

Before entering the timber industry, the businessman completed an economics degree at Reading University where he went on to serve in the British Army

For ten years Mr Selkus was an infantry officer with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the London Regiment (TA) retiring in 1998 with the rank of Captain.

The keen obstacle runner will also be representing Team UK in the World Championships later this year at the Nuclear Races, Kelvedon Hatch.

In a video posted on his official Twitter account, Mr Selkus said: “Before the referendum like most of you I carefully considered what I thought we should do, I concluded that we had to leave in order to secure our sovereignty and control our laws, taxes, borders and especially our trade.

“Since then the Government and Parliament have done nothing but mess up the negotiations, in fact, we are in a worse position now than before we started.

“They have caused more division and more uncertainty and denied democracy.”

He added: “Looking forward to seeing you out on the campaign trail.”

Richard Tice, Brexit Party chairman said “The Brexit Party stands ready to fight a general election with a full slate of candidates in all the UK’s 650 constituencies.

“We will take on the major parties, which have failed the British people time and time again.

“The vast majority of our candidates are entering politics for the first time and they come from all walks of life, backgrounds, races and religions.

“Their greatest strength is that they are not professional politicians, but are competent individuals, connected to their local areas and issues they seek to represent.

“They have achieved great things in their professional or personal life, from entrepreneurs, small business owners and economists – to teachers, academics, forklift drivers and bankers.

But we all share a commitment to deliver Brexit, defend democracy and change politics for good.”