The town clerk of Loughton has praised his council for their continuous campaign to save Jessel Green.

Mark Squire, from Loughton Town Council, said it had been a “long and arduous road” to prevent the plans to build 154 homes on the popular green space.

Epping Forest District Council’s controversial decision to demolish Jessel Green caused uproar within the community leading to petitions and protests.

Government planning inspector overlooking the council’s Local Plan, Louise Phillips, presented the latest review at a public hearing on Wednesday, August 8.

She concluded that the loss of the public recreation area "would not be justified and it should be deleted from the Plan accordingly.”

Mr Squire said: “Although cautious by nature, (and not been rubber stamped yet), this appears to be an initial victory for Jessel Green, the well-being of local residents and general common sense.

“I am proud of Loughton Town Council’s pivotal role in defending this valuable greenspace and the interest of local residents.”

In December 2017, Epping Forest District Council voted through plans to build 11,400 homes within the district by 2033.

The Local Plan also earmarked 154 homes to be constructed on Jessel Green.

“We have incurred some considerable cost, not only in monetary terms but also in time and resources over a number of years now, but these recommendations make it all worthwhile.” Added Mr Squire.

“Together with the hugely effective ‘Save Jessel Green’ campaign and a host of other groups and individuals we appear to have made a real impact.

“Their commitment to the cause has been both admirable and outstanding. Our concerted efforts have now been hopefully justified.

“Understandably emotions are running high at present, but we must now see this project through to its final conclusion.”

Epping Forest District Council issued a statement following the meeting saying they acknowledge that "in some cases" additional work needs to be done.

No further comment will be made by EFDC until it has considered the Inspector’s and other professional advice.

The whole advice can be read at