A woman accused of killing a patient by giving her botched bum enhancement injections has been extradited to the US to face trial.

Former hairdresser Donna Francis, 38, from Loughton, is charged with criminally negligent homicide and unauthorised practice of a profession.

Ms Francis is accused of causing the death of Kelly Mayhew, 34, in 2015 after silicone was injected into her buttocks in the basement of a house in New York.

Ms Francis carried out the cosmetic procedure twice on Ms Mayhew and has contested her extradition since December 2018, but the High Court rejected her case.

She was being held at Suffolk County Correctional Facility ahead of her court appearance on Friday, September 27.

If she is convicted, the extradition order stipulates Ms Francis cannot be sentenced to more than one year in a US jail.

At a hearing in London in June, Ms Francis' lawyers argued that separating her from her daughter would have a "devastating effect".

Queens County assistant district attorney John Ryan said the victim "went into cardiac arrest during botched silicone injections" and the accused "allegedly left [the] dying woman in [a] Far Rockaway (New York) basement and fled the country".

He said the defendant "who is not a doctor" had set up a "temporary medical practice" and purchased silicone gel from Ebay.

The medical examiner determined the victim died from systemic silicone emboli caused when unencapsulated chemicals entered the bloodstream and caused a blood clot.