More than 200 Special Constables volunteered their free time to help keep Essex residents safe across the bank holiday weekend.

In total, 309 duties were conducted, totalling to a huge 2,420 extra hours of policing in the county.

More than 900 of these hours were spent on high-visibility patrol offering reassurance to members of the community.

During these duties, Special Constables dealt several incidents including five people being arrested for knife-related crime incidents.

A further 10 arrests for similar crimes across the weekend, with Operation Sceptre being dedicated to reducing knife crime on the streets.

Sarah Wright from the Specials Constabulary said: “Bank holidays are really busy weekends for the force.

“Our Specials have made a huge contribution in responding to that demand with nearly more than 2,000 hours volunteered by more 200 officers.

“They have truly made a difference to the force and our communities.”