A bakery had its front glass door smashed and a small sum of money stolen.

Epping Sandwich Bar and Bakery, Epping High Street, was broken into on Friday (August 30) at around 3.20am after a man – captured on CCTV with a hammer – broke the front glass door.

Essex Police confirmed they are investigating the burglary following reports of the break-in, where a two-figure sum of cash was taken.

Michaela Gheorghe, the owner of the bakery, was sleeping above the premises after just returning from a holiday in Italy on August 29.

Ms Gheorghe said: “When they broke the glass, they made an awful noise, I woke up and thought it was the baker, but it was 3am and even then, it wouldn’t be that loud.”

By the time Ms Gheorghe had made it downstairs, she found glass scattered across the shop and the burglar to have fled the scene with just a small sum of cash with him.

The bakery owner said she believes the burglar heard Ms Gheorghe coming downstairs which is why he fled early.

CCTV footage at the store captured the burglar smashing the front door of the hammer and walking out with the store till.

Ms Gheorghe added: “I still feel sick every time I watch the footage; I think I don’t deserve it, but now I don’t feel very secure anymore. There’s nothing to come here for, what are they going to do steal a loaf of bread?”

Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information should call 101 and quote the crime reference number 42/138836/19.